Shishir Maithel Appointed Co-Chair of ASCO Expert Panel

April 2018

Shishir K. Maithel, MD, associate professor of surgery in the Emory Division of Surgical Oncology, has been appointed co-chair of the Adjuvant Therapy for Biliary Tract Cancers Expert Panel of the American Society of Clinical Oncology's (ASCO) Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee.

Expert Panels assist ASCO in developing clinical practice guidelines, provisional clinical opinions, and guideline endorsements, standards, and adaptations for specific conditions. These evidence-based clinical guidance products serve to outline appropriate methods of treatment and care for oncology health care practitioners, patients, and caregivers.

As co-chair, Dr. Maithel's responsibilities will include:

  • Planning the panel's strategy for conducting and completing the systematic review of the literature related to adjuvant therapy for biliary tract cancers, as well as how the panel's recommendations will be formulated.

  • In addition to full panel meetings, scheduling regular meetings with ASCO staff that will move the project to completion.

  • Serving as first or senior author of the final guidelines manuscript, and reviewing any additional content related to the manuscript.

  • If necessary, reconvening the panel for guideline updates.

As a faculty physician of the Emory Department of Surgery, Dr. Maithel has special interests in malignancies of the liver, bile ducts, pancreas, stomach, colon, and small intestine. He is a member of the Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics Research Program at Winship Cancer Institute, and leads the translational research program in the Division of Surgical Oncology, which focuses on identifying tumor specific molecular biomarkers as predictors of outcome and chemotherapeutic response for tumors of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas, and stomach (including colorectal liver metastases and pancreas cancer).

In his own highly active laboratory, Dr. Maithel often mentors medical students, general surgery residents on research sabbatical, and post-graduate research fellows.

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