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  • "In a time of national redefinition and debate of healthcare policies, quality initiatives, and research funding, the Department of Surgery at Emory is adapting rather than reacting to change. We are accomplishing diverse goals in limited time frames, often splitting single objectives into clinical, research, educational, and quality branches." MORE»»

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Top Surgery News

Drs. Lily Yang, Hui Mao, and Y. Andrew Wang have received an Academic-Industrial Partnerships for Translation of Technologies for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (R01) NIH award to devise a clinically feasible, novel treatment for metastatic peritoneal tumors or peritoneal carcinomatosis using molecularly targeted, precision nanomedicine. FULL STORY.

Several months before arriving in Atlanta to serve as chief of the Emory division of vascular surgery and endovascular therapy, Dr. William Jordan had already begun communicating with Emory vascular surgery faculty and was integral to several major discussions involving future directions of the division. FULL STORY.

Dr. Nicole Turgeon and a team of kidney transplant and urology researchers have determined that PSA screening for prostate cancer in male kidney transplant candidates may be more harmful than protective because it does not appear to prolong their survival and may actually interfere with the transplant process. FULL STORY.