Emory Surgery Places in Top 20 for 2014 NIH Funding

February 2015

According to the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, which publishes ranking tables online of annual NIH funding, the Department of Surgery of the Emory University School of Medicine ranked 12th in NIH awards for all departments of surgery nationwide in 2014. With a total of $7,654,235 million in awards, which was considerably above the mean of $3.8 million and the median of $1.98 million, the Department narrowly missed being in the top 10 by $630,000, and was only $34,000 behind the 11th ranked University of Chicago.

Emory Surgery faculty researchers Drs. Christian Larsen, Craig Coopersmith, Lily Yang, Mandy Ford, John Calvert, Rachel Patzer, Kevin McConnell, Luke Brewster, and Michael Halkos were included on the NIH's Surgery PIs listing for 2014, as were four fellows: Lindsay Margoles, Erica Bozeman, Scott Krummey, and Sonia Laurie.

"In a time of more and more people competing for far less money, these rankings portray a Department that is impressively maintaining its promise as one of the nation’s premiere research institutions," says Dr. Coopersmith, the Department's vice chair of research. "A very bright future is suggested by our mix of high profile senior investigators; rising mid-level and junior investigators, three of whom have NIH career development K awards [Brewster, Halkos, and McConnell]; and a larger number of fellows receiving grants than in recent years. At Emory, the long standing luminaries and the next generation of top surgeon-scientists are working together to develop and innovate for the benefit of patients everywhere."

NIH funding is but one component of the Department's diverse research portfolio, however, as its investigative programs continue to receive significant foundational, corporate, and federal grants from such entities as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, AVON Foundation, Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust, Georgia Research Alliance, American Heart Association, CDC, FDA, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Norman S. Coplon Extramural Grants, and the Department of Defense.