Critical Care Center

critical care at Emory

Critical care at Emory was consolidated under the banner of the Emory Critical Care Center (ECCC) in 2009. The center's mandate is to integrate intensive care units throughout the Emory Healthcare system with the goal of delivering the highest quality, value, and access to critical care for patients in the southeastern U.S. The ECCC currently offers adult surgical intensive care, medical intensive care, cardiothoracic surgical intensive care, neuroscience critical care, and cardiac care at four of Emory Healthcare's hospitals: Emory University Hospital, Emory University Hospital Midtown, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, and Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

Dr. Craig Coopersmith, the ECCC's interim director, and Dr. Timothy Buchman, who stepped down as founding director in September 2018, are faculty members of the Emory Department of Surgery. The ECCC's multidisciplinary staff includes more than 40 intensive care physicians, 450 critical care nurses, and 60 affiliate nurse practitioner and physician assistant providers. This core is further enhanced by pharmacists, respiratory therapists, nutrition support specialists, and consultant physicians representing dozens of medical specialties, all of whom have a special interest, training, and advanced competency in the care of the critically ill patient.

The basic science focus of Emory's critical care labs is gut integrity and the immunological host response in sepsis, with special attention to the settings of cancer or alcohol abuse, while the bench-to-bedside research conducted by faculty researchers' encompasses studies of physiological dynamics, predictive biology, patient monitoring, the molecular mechanisms underlying multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, and ICU end-of-life care.

The ECCC's academic arm offers a one-year NP/PA post graduate residency that seeks to prepare certified physician assistants and acute care nurse practitioners to practice the specialty of critical care medicine as members of a multi-professional team. The program combines a highly detailed competency-based curriculum with hands-on learning in the clinical setting.

For the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about the center, please visit the ECCC's official Emory Healthcare website.