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Notable News from the Department of SurgeryJanuary 25, 2018

Kim Baio Moves Emory Surgery Clinical Trials from A-to-Z

The first time a renal transplant research nurse visited a patient that was being monitored by then-nurse clinician Kim Baio in Emory University Hospital's solid organ transplantation unit, Ms. Baio was bemused. "They piqued my curiosity," she says. "Research nursing as a career opportunity was never even mentioned when I was in nursing school. I'd pull them aside and ask what they were doing, which was often starting the administration of investigational drugs designed to prevent rejection. As I learned more about their work, I wanted to be part of it."

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I. Raul Badell Receives 2018 ASTS Vanguard Prize
The American Society of Transplant Surgeons' Vanguard Prize recognizes and honors ASTS junior members for authoring the previous year's best clinical and basic research manuscripts from young investigators. Emory kidney transplant surgeon I. Raul Badell, MD, won the 2018 edition of the award for his paper "Selective CD28 Blockade Results in Superior Inhibition of Donor-Specific T Follicular Helper Cell and Antibody Responses Relative to CTLA4-Ig."
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Joshua Winer's use of HIPEC Featured in the Atlanta Jewish Times
The AJT article describes Joshua Winer, MD, as one of the few surgeons in the United States that practices the innovative HIPEC procedure, and features a detailed explanation of the complicated surgery with Dr. Winer's comments and observations. HIPEC is a cancer treatment that delivers highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy directly to the abdomen during surgery, which allows for higher doses of chemotherapy than systemic delivery.
AJT Article

Hakob Davtyan-Directed St. Francis Hospital Cardiac Services Program Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

St. Francis Hospital and Emory Healthcare celebrated the one-year anniversary of their cardiothoracic surgery affiliation with a recent event to honor the patients whose lives were saved in the last year through this partnership which expanded cardiothoracic care to the Columbus area and Middle Georgia region. "It's been an honor working collaboratively with the talented team at St. Francis and providing cutting edge, quality cardiothoracic care to the people in the Columbus area," says Emory Surgery cardiothoracic surgeon Hakob Davtyan, MD, medical director of the St. Francis Hospital Cardiac Services program.

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Shishir Maithel Programs and Presents at GI Cancers Symposium
Shishir Maithel, MD, served on the program committee for the 2018 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, held January 18-20 in San Francisco. He was also named chair-elect of the 2019 symposium. During the 2018 meeting he chaired the Multidisciplinary Management of Less Common Gastroesophageal Tumors Breakout Session, co-chaired the Multimodality Management of Biliary Malignancies General Session, and co-chaired the Cancers of the Pancreas, Small Bowel, and Hepatobiliary Tract Rapid-Fire Abstract Session. Two research fellows from Dr. Maithel's lab, Alexandra Lopez-Aguiar and Mohammad Zaidi, also presented at the symposium (see story to the right).
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Alexandra Lopez-Aguiar and Mohammad Zaidi Receive 2018 ASCO Merit Awards
Emory general surgery resident Alexandra Lopez-Aguiar, MD, and post-doctoral research fellow Mohammad Zaidi, MD, were selected to receive 2018 Conquer Cancer Foundation Merit Awards of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. ASCO Merit Awards are distributed to residents and fellows whose research is addressed in high-quality abstracts. The awards assisted with funding Dr. Lopez-Aguiar and Dr. Zaidi's attendance of the 2018 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, where they presented their winning abstracts. This is the fourth year in a row that fellows from Dr. Maithel's lab have received Merit Awards, and the second year for Dr. Lopez-Aguiar.
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CSAT Awarded Recertification

Above: Detail from CSAT's Anatomy of the Male Pelvis App

The Carlos and Alfred A. Davis Center for Surgical Anatomy and Technique (CSAT) has been recertified for five years as a Comprehensive Education Institute (CEI) of the American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institutes (ACS-AEI) program. ACS-AEI promotes patient safety by advocating simulation training to cultivate skills in academic surgical programs, supporting the development of new education methods and emerging technologies, identifying best practices, and facilitating research and collaboration among its member centers.

CSAT's primary mission is to generate tools that teach medical students, residents, and physicians the critical role surgical anatomy plays in the operating room. "We are focusing on internet-based media, handheld devices, and simulation training for disseminating knowledge," says Keith Delman, MD, director of CSAT. "By capitalizing on the exceptional teaching that occurs at Emory, we aim to distribute to a global audience."

Thus far CSAT has produced the award winning Surgical Anatomy of the Liver App, the Anatomy of the Male Pelvis App, and the in-process Lung Cancer Preoperative Planning App, which has already received an Interactive Media Award from the Association of Medical Illustrators.

Visit the CSAT Website
Erica Ludi Presents Study at PTS Annual Congress
PGY-2 general surgery resident Erica Ludi, MD, presented "Trauma Surveillance and Epidemiology in Haiti: A Pilot Study" at the 2017 Panamerican Congress of Trauma, Critical Care & Emergency Surgery in Mexico City. The Congress was sponsored by the Panamerican Trauma Society. For the study, Dr. Ludi and the project team piloted a trauma surveillance logbook at four Haitian hospitals in different regions, their aim being to exemplify the value of quantifying Haiti's burden of trauma-related disease. The mortality rate in Haiti due to injuries is estimated to be twice that of the United States, and trauma statistics reporting has yet to be standardized in the country.
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Coming Together to Support and Cultivate Diversity
The 7th Annual Department of Surgery Diversity Dinner was held on January 6, 2018, at the home of Wendy Greene, MD, associate professor of surgery. The yearly gathering celebrates cultural and ethnic multiplicity, provides the opportunity for medical students interested in a surgical career to attend an event hosted by a faculty member, and provides a casual atmosphere for mentoring relationships to begin between medical students, Emory Surgery residents, and attending faculty. "Mentors who inspire are essential for maximizing the promise of diversity," Dr. Green says, "and Emory Surgery's faculty and residents are strongly committed to providing positive mentorship."
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Duly Noted

Joe Sharma, MD, has been elected to the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons. He will serve an initial three-year term. Governors are elected by the fellows, and serve as a clearinghouse for the Board of Regents on fellowship matters. They are also the administrative channel through which chapters and fellows may bring their problems and concerns to the attention of the Regents. Governors elect Regents, aid in the establishment and administration of chapters, participate in chapter CME co-providership programs, and help to select the personnel for ACS-related committees that are organized within their areas.

Emory Surgery Faculty Presentations at the 129th Annual Meeting of the Southern Surgical Association, December 3-December 6, 2017: S. Scott Davis, MD, "Barriers to Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) Following Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy," Marty Sellers, MD, "Deterrents to Organ Donation – A Multivariate Analysis of 766 Survey Respondents."

Omar Lattouf, MD, PhD, appeared before Congress on a panel chaired by the Emory Rollins School of Public Health in support of a bipartisan resolution to declare designation of November 9, 2017, as "National Diabetes Heart Health Awareness Day," coinciding with American Diabetes Month. Dr. Lattouf spoke to the influence of diabetes on cardiac surgical outcomes and long-term survival. The resolution passed.

Due to his exemplary performance as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Journal of Surgical Research, Michael Lowe, MD, has been invited to join the JSR editorial board. The journal emphasizes reports of clinical investigations or fundamental research that have a direct bearing on surgical management that is of general interest to a broad range of surgeons and surgical researchers.

Recent Faculty Publications with Abstracts

"A novel T-stage classification system for adrenocortical carcinoma: Proposal from the US Adrenocortical Carcinoma Study Group." Poorman CE, Ethun CG, Postlewait LM, Tran TB, Prescott JD, Pawlik TM, Wang TS, Glenn J, Hatzaras I, Shenoy R, Phay JE, Keplinger K, Fields RC, Jin LX, Weber SM, Salem A, Sicklick JK, Gad S, Yopp AC, Mansour JC, Duh QY, Seiser N, Solórzano CC, Kiernan CM, Votanopoulos KI, Levine EA, Staley CA, Poultsides GA, Maithel SK. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2018 Feb;25(2):520-527.

"Morbidity and outcomes following axillary lymphadenectomy for melanoma: Weighing the risk of surgery in the era of MSLT-II." Postlewait LM, Farley CR, Seamens AM, Le N, Rizzo M, Russell MC, Lowe MC, Delman KA. Annals of Surgical Oncologly. 2018 Feb;25(2):465-470.

"Dialysis facility staff perceptions of racial, gender, and age disparities in access to renal transplantation." Lipford KJ, McPherson L, Hamoda R, Browne T, Gander JC, Pastan SO, Patzer RE. BMC Nephrology. 2018 Jan 10;19(1):5.

"Health care disparities among octogenarians and nonagenarians with stage III lung cancer." Cassidy RJ, Zhang X, Switchenko JM, Patel PR, Shelton JW, Tian S, Nanda RH, Steuer CE, Pillai RN, Owonikoko TK, Ramalingam SS, Fernandez FG, Force SD, Gillespie TW, Curran WJ, Higgins KA. Cancer. 2018 Jan 8. [Epub ahead of print]

"Deterrents to organ donation: A multivariate analysis of 766 survey respondents." Sellers MT, McGinnis HS, Alperin M, Sweeney JF, Dodson TF. Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2018 Jan 5. [Epub ahead of print]

"Barriers to enhanced recovery after surgery after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy." Jonsson A, Lin E, Patel L, Patel AD, Stetler JL, Prayor-Patterson H, Singh A, Srinivasan JK, Sweeney JF, Davis SS Jr. Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2018 Jan 5. [Epub ahead of print]

"Selective CD28 blockade results in superior inhibition of donor-specific T follicular helper cell and antibody responses relative to CTLA4-Ig." Badell IR, La Muraglia GM 2nd, Liu D, Wagener ME, Ding G, Ford ML. American Journal of Transplantation. 2018 Jan;18(1):89-101.

February Surgical Grand Rounds

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