S. Scott Davis is Co-editor of New SAGES Manual of Hernia Surgery

January 2019

S. Scott Davis Jr, MD, associate professor of surgery and director of the Emory Endosurgery Unit, is co-editor of the second edition of The SAGES Manual of Hernia Surgery, along with Gregory F. Dakin, MD, Weill Cornell Medical College, and Andrew Bates, MD, Stony Brook University Hospital.

Published by Springer, the new 48 chapter book includes contributions by Emory members Edward Lin, MD, professor of surgery and chief of the Division of General and GI Surgery; Ankit Patel, MD, assistant professor of surgery; Emory endosurgery fellows Christopher Yheulon, MD, and Fadi Ball, MD; and general surgery residents Abraham Matar, MD, and P. Bennett Brock, MD.

"Encompassing all of the advancements in hernia treatment over the past several years, the book is a timely and up-to-date source of the current trends and debates in abdominal wall hernia repair written by an impressive selection of national and international authors," says Dr. Davis.

The book contains comprehensive descriptions and evaluations of the techniques, strategies, and tools used in the contemporary arena of hernia repair, and includes chapters on the various component separation techniques that are available to help restore the function of the abdominal wall, explanations of the different types of mesh repairs and where they can be used, and robotic surgery approaches.

In addition to being a modern text on hernia surgery for all learners, this edition of The SAGES Manual of Hernia Surgery aligns with the current hernia curriculum of the SAGES University MASTERS Program, which organizes all SAGES educational materials along three distinct pathways (competency, proficiency, and mastery) that can be undertaken in blocks at annual meetings or online.