CSAT App: Surgical Anatomy of the Liver

iPad screenshot from CSAT's Surgical Anatomy of the Liver app

Surgical Anatomy of the Liver publicly initiated the new focus of the Carlos and Davis Center for Surgical Anatomy and Technique (CSAT) on electronic education. Intended for trainees, medical students, instructors, and anyone that needs a quick way to learn or teach liver anatomy, CSAT's first app allows users to mentally map the anatomy of the liver in ways that were never before possible with print illustrations or imaging studies. The user can rotate the liver, turn structures on and off to understand the relationships, and tap anatomy to reveal an identifying label.

To create the 1.0 version of the app, Emory surgical oncologist and liver expert Dr. Shishir Maithel guided Emory University School of Medicine medical illustrator Michael Konomos through the intensive process of accurately sculpting the complex anatomy of the liver, with the end product achieving a synthesis of radiographic, cadaveric, and surgical references as well as the distillation of hundreds of hours of liver surgery. CSAT medical illustrator Andy Matlock worked with Dr. Maithel to complete the project, contributing 3D animations and working with the programmer on the publishing process. Dr. Maithel also provided narration for the liver videos.

Shortly after its 2014 release, the app received an Award of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustrators.

In 2015, CSAT released the 1.7 version of the app for the iPad. This version added transparency, thereby allowing the user to see the liver and the structures beneath its surface simultaneously. The app received a positive review on iMedicalApps. CSAT also released free versions of the 1.0 app for iPhone and Android devices that same year.

Download Links

Surgical Anatomy of the Liver 1.7 for iPad

Surgical Anatomy of the Liver 1.0 for iPhone and iPad (free)

Surgical Anatomy of the Liver 1.2 for Android (free)


Watch Dr. Keith Delman, Dr. Shishir Maithel, and Michael Konomos describe the collaborative conceptualization and creation of the 1.0 version of the Surgical Anatomy of the Liver.

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