CSAT App: Anatomy of the Male Pelvis

screenshot from CSAT's Anatomy of the Male Pelvis appCSAT's Anatomy of the Male Pelvis app, originally released in 2017, translates the depiction of the complex organization of the male pelvis into a concise, visually engaging, easy-to-use format for teaching, training, and consulting.

The app is available for free in Apple's iTunes store for iPad and iPhone.

Based on a simple selection menu, users can navigate throughout the entire network of structures that comprise the male pelvic region, including the bony pelvis, pelvic floor, musculature, vessels, and connective tissue. They can also view their relationship to such organs as the bladder, reproductive organs, colon, and rectum. Structures can be rotated in 3D, made transparent or invisible, and viewed at different magnifications. The app also allows the arteries and nerves that traverse the pelvis to be clicked to trigger identifying text.

In keeping with the CSAT ethos of creating reliable academic-medical tools suitable for multiple settings, the Anatomy of the Male Pelvis has been designed so that it can be used anywhere, anytime, and in any situation, from the classroom to the operating room, by surgical trainees, professionals, and educators alike.

This is the second app produced by CSAT, the first being Surgical Anatomy of the Liver, which received a 2014 Award of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustrators.

Production Team

Andy Matlock, MS, design, 3D modeling, and illustration; Keith Delman, MD, course director; Niall Galloway, MD, medical director; Edward Pettus, PhD, anatomist; Timmy White, MS, programming