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Michael Halkos

Michael E. Halkos, MD, MSc

Professor of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine

Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine

Scientific Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery Center for Clinical Research (CCR), Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine

Co-Director, Robotic Cardiac Surgery Fellowship, Emory


Emory University Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown:
Lynn Gissendanner-Tarleton
404.686-6739 or 404.686.2513
404.686.4959 (f)

Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital:
Melissa McAlpin
404.778.6617 or 404.778.7200
404.778.6626 (fax)

Email: mhalkos@emory.edu

Certification: American Board of Surgery, American Board of Thoracic Surgery

Year Joined Emory as a Faculty Member: 2009


Dr. Halkos joined the Emory Department of Surgery in 2009 after completing his Emory Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency. He is a highly experienced and productive academic cardiac surgeon-scientist with expertise in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, particularly robotic-assisted coronary artery bypass surgery and robotic mitral valve surgery, hybrid coronary revascularization, and hybrid atrial fibrillation ablation. Over 50% of his clinical practice focuses on minimally invasive approaches for cardiac surgical operations. Along with Douglas Murphy, MD, at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, he helms one of the largest and most successful robotic cardiac surgical programs in the world. He is also one of the highest volume surgeons in performing robotic coronary bypass procedures, and is an international leader with his cardiology colleagues in hybrid coronary revascularization.

Dr. Halkos has demonstrated a passion for Emory's tripartite mission, and has excelled in both education and research in addition to patient care. He currently directs the Cardiothoracic Center for Clinical Research, was the Department of Surgery's first faculty member to receive an NHLBI K-23 Award, received his Master's Degree in Clinical Research in 2012, and currently serves as Principal Investigator for multiple industry- and NIH-sponsored trials. He plays an active leadership role in resident education, and has authored well over 120 publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.

Dr. Halkos was named Chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Emory Department of Surgery, in July 2017.


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  • Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

  • Emory University Hospital Midtown

  • Emory University Hospital

  • Grady Memorial Hospital


  • MD, Emory University School of Medicine, Class of 1999

  • Junior Resident in General Surgery, Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine, 1999-2002

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Fellowship, Carlyle Fraser Heart Center, Emory, 2002-2004

  • Senior Resident in General Surgery, Emory, 2004-2006

  • Administrative Chief Resident-General Surgery, Emory, 2005-2006

  • Resident in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine, 2006-2009

  • Administrative Chief Resident in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Emory, 2008-2009

  • Master of Science in Clinical Research, Laney Graduate School at Emory University, 2012

Honors and Awards

  • 2018 Inductee, Emory MilliPub Club (recognizes current Emory faculty who have published one or more individual papers that have each garnered more than 1000 citations; such a paper is commonly considered a "citation classic" and represents high impact scholarship), paper: "Inhibition of myocardial injury by ischemic post-conditioning during reperfusion: comparison with ischemic preconditioning."

  • 2015 Woodruff Leadership Academy, Emory University

  • First Place Award for Best Paper/Presentation (Senior Author), Robert Emery Young Investigator Award Competition, International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery, "The accuracy of transit time flow measurement in predicting graft patency after coronary artery bypass grafting," 2013

Current Organizational Memberships

  • American College of Surgeons, Fellow

  • American College of Cardiology, Fellow

  • American Association of Thoracic Surgeons

  • 21st Century Cardiothoracic Surgical Society

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Network (CTSNet): Editorial Board Advisor

  • International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgeons

  • Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education: Integrated Six-Year Cardiothoracic Program Analysis Committee; Integrated Six-Year Cardiothoracic Program American Board of Thoracic Surgery Case Requirement Assessment Task Force; Adult Cardiac Proposal Review Subcommittee, Access and Publications Committee

  • Society of Thoracic Surgeons: Task Force on Conduit Choice Guidelines for CABG, Task Force on Access and Publications for the Adult Cardiac STS Database for Hybrid Coronary Revascularization

  • Society of University Surgeons

  • Southern Thoracic Surgical Association

  • Thoracic Surgery Residents Association

  • Thoracic Surgery Directors Association: Curriculum Committee

Current Editorships and Editorial Boards

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Robotic Surgery

Clinical Specialties

  • Robotic mitral valve surgery

  • Robotic-assisted CABG

  • Mitral valve repair

  • Hybrid coronary revascularization

  • Valve surgery

  • Hybrid atrial fibrillation ablation

Research Interests

  • High-impact clinical and translational research in cardiothoracic surgery

  • Reducing the incidence of postoperative stroke after coronary artery bypass surgery

  • Evaluating hybrid coronary revascularization for patients with multivessel coronary disease